Understanding bazi astrology

Your Feng Shui may aggravate negative aspects of your character, resulting in the wrong action or it may actually nudge you towards making the right direction. No single component of the cosmic trinity exercises dominance over our Destiny.

Calculating the BaZi Book – Master Zhongxian Wu

At each point in your life — Heaven or Earth or Man Luck or any combination of the three is in play. It is about removing your frustrations by understanding the source of them.

BaZi exists to inform your decisions — free will means that you still get to decide what you want to do or what you decide NOT to do. But BaZi tells you the pros and cons, the pitfalls and obstacles, the gains and advantages, that come with each decisions, one way or another.

What is Four Pillars Astrology?

Anything u could help me with would be appreciated. My , my life in general, the good, the bad.

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Calculating the BaZi Book

Re: Koi Fish Hi Nat, Welcome to this Forum. You already have two readings, now you will get the third. It could mean three different readings, one more confusing about your life. I would recommend to live as you want it and not to distract by readings from us. Every Bazi-decoders have different look at the chart and will give their own angles of decoding. Imagine years of life, and you want to know in details about those years within a few posts or comments. Is there any specific question you have in mind?

Bro Koi Fish. Hi Bro Koi Thank you for your reply. I'd like to know what has in store for me financially and if there's any concern with health. Also could u explain my day master against my other elements. I read that even if u have a good day master the other elements can effect them. Between the 2 readings Ive gotten, 1 said my luck would change at age 31 for the better.

Yet the other reading said all will be as is till 39, that is what confused me the most. It also said that the chinese year is a year ahead so my luck would change at 30 instead of Hope u can clear things up. Water is your Output, it will make Metal weak. Year and Month-pillars are both late-hours which it is already dark.

In darkness hours there will be less warm and love, this is to explain why during your younger years your parents had tough times to bring you up. They had faced hardship in their life. Their Heavenly Stem is in cooperating with the Earthly Branch, this will result into arguments and misunderstandings among your entire family.

This is just an introduction about 5 emotions of Traditional Chinese Medicine based on your chart.

Your Day Master refers to your ability, which it is very competitive. That feeling of go and fight is very strong in your mind and body, you hardly can control it. Where are those emotions coming from?


A Bazi (Chinese Astrology) Primer

BaZi Experts are employed to guide tycoons daily on business decisions and dates for transactions and investments. As one of the few practitioners in the West doing this type of work, BaZi Astrology is one of my specialties. Whether you consult your BaZi for personal or business issues, Chinese Astrology is a transformational tool. The more you know about yourself the more options you have to make better decisions. With clarity you gain focus.

Let me help direct your BaZi so you can shine in the spotlight of your life.

How To Read Your BaZi Chart

Cosmic Coaching utilizes a variety of high level tools, but the place to start is with an initial BaZi consultation because everything in your life is written in your BaZi chart: career talents, wealth potential, health and healing, children and all relationships.

It is an in-depth journey into who you are and how you navigate the world. There is no one-size-fits all business or life plan. For business, we want to work ON our business not just IN our business. As an artist, photographer, designer, film director and now a spiritual practitioner I have had success in a variety of creative fields.