17 february horoscope virgo or virgo

Before you is a week in which you will need to become more involved in solving problems at home or at work.

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It is pointless to delay such actions as it will be increasingly difficult for you to find a good solution. During the week, keep an eye out for home repairs, improvements, or innovations.

The week will be conducive to work at home or on the farm if you own one. This will be an auspicious time to buy household items or tools important to your work. During the week you will have an engagement with a woman who will need advice or will want to spend some of her time with you.

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Do not delay a delicate conversation with a woman by waiting for a more favorable time as you will never have one. During the week, you will be annoyed by attempts to manipulate or cheat from colleagues, customers or neighbors who do not conceal their interests and goals. The week will be conducive to emotional experiences, especially where there is reciprocity in feelings and goals, rather than imposing solely on one's will and desires.

During the week you will have an expectation for a phone call that will not disappoint you. Men will experience the inconvenience that will cause them a lie or a broken promise. Women will have pleasant moments with interesting people or loved ones.

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